Sunday, 7 October 2012

A very busy painting/converting weekend!

First up we have a Tervigon, beautiful model to assemble but it takes alot of painting! Little discoveries here are that brown ink is still awesome, dip does a passable impression of it and the discovery of a new colour... Carroburg Crimson, lovely colour over both browns (on the nests) and pinks (the Tervigons belly)

New Zoanthropes
I love these models. Great detail, light and drilled for a base mount and little cleaning
The Blade face models

The Tendril feeder versions

The lotus seed pod based conversions came out great below you can see a warrior based one, 2 genestealer ones and a gaunt one. You can also see the whole lot of them in a batch. All still need basing to be fully finished.

Lastly 2 spore pods painted - still need to add some Tendril arms... open to ideas how to make new ones! and still need to base them all of course.

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