Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Picking Warlord traits for Tyranids

My current list has a Flyrant that usually takes the warlord spot.

The Flyrant is kitted out with Devourers and
So what is the best set of traits to give him - my estimations are as follows
Ratings for each are out of 5, 5 = awesome, 0 is completely useless

Inspiring Presence                          Fearless everywhere  0
Intimidating Presence                     Nice but only a few units it makes a big difference with  3
The Dust of a thousand worlds       Meh  most nids have it anyway   1
Master of the vanguard                  Can be handy especially for big bugs   3
Target Priority                               Old advisary is better but better range here   2
Coordinated assault                       Speeds up assaults a little    3

Personal Traits
Master of Defence                   Flyrants rarely stay in own deployment zone.     - 1
Master of Offence                   Flyants do occasionally charge things    -2
Master of Manoeuvre              Don't really need this but keep em guessing   - 2
Legendary Fighter                   Awesome.. challenge the weakling get a VP, can win games    -5
Tenacity                                  Useful  but requires careful movement   -4
Immovable object                   Awesome .. who doesn't like a scoring boss!   -5

Strategic Traits
Conqueror of cities                 A little table dependant but very good if right table - 3 or 5
Night Attacker                       Nids love to close in while it is dark   - 5
Master of Ambush                 Outflank for assault units is pretty poor now   -  2
Strategic Genius                     Re-rolling reserves is good for holding gaunts back or bringing on flyers- 4
Divide to conquer                  Very good for Nids if opponent is dependant on reserved firepower  - 3
Princeps of Deceipt               Meh  deployment zone limitation makes this weak   - 1

Command   12
Strategic traits  19
Personal traits 18 or 20

So that helps a little command is not worth taking...In most situations  I would pick personal as it has a better upside but if the table was heavy ruins then I would be tempted to roll strategic as that slightly weights things in your favour!

Roll well Folks

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