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Death from above - Mycetic spore strategies

The Mycetic spore is an interesting option for tyranid players, after all the hive mind uses it in the early stages of the invasion to bring in support - but what can you use it for ?

With no model all sorts of conversions can be seen around the world. some cool some not so cool, most people also just think of the Mycetic spore as the delivery system for the Doom of Malantai and it certainly does a wonderful job of that but there are many more tricks in the Mycetic spores arsenal.

First of some key facts
At 40 points the mycetic spore pod (or Spod) is by far the cheapest monstrous creature in the army, can smash and is AP3 in combat
It deepstrikes accurately
Is immobile when it lands
Is non-scoring but can contest
Is brought as a transport for various units.
Is armed with tentacles - 6 S6 BS 5  & can be upgraded with various weapons
Lash whips

Onto the tactics...
First and foremost the Spod is great at delivering units exactly where you need them. Combined with hive commander on a tyrant or the swarmlord you can all but guarantee arrival on cue in turn 2. Perfect positioning is easily attainable with a 6" disembark which is less than the typical scatter of the pod.
This is further simplified in that the scatter distance of a spod will be reduced if it is to land on an enemy unit- clever positioning almost guarantees you an on target or very close to target deployment.

The ideal units for such a delivery are:
The Doom ...  well he is awesome isn't he :)
Zoanthropes... great for positioning S10 lances, psychic shrieks or just plain old synapse
Devilgaunts... so if you want LOTS of s4 shooting this is the option for you.

So What Else?
Being close to or even on objectives is a good place for Spods to drop. This can give the pod an additional boost (if playing with mysterious objectives  but also denies the enemy that objective and forces them to deal with the pod. Similarly keep an eye out for great spots to drop in the enemy deployment zone. Spods can be a great way of getting linebreaker- especially if there is a big LOS blocker in the way - or a hill crest (3+ cover remember). Always try to drop in cover, with only T4, missile launchers make short work of Spods and the ubiquitous Aegis gun lines are a particular problem.

Tyranids have A) little High Strength Shooting and B) few ways to get around the back of an enemy.

even at BS 2 6 S6 shots are useful for either tank hunting or troop hunting. The versatility itself is useful but you can further tailor the unit.

AT duty
the TL Deathspitter is the best option here. at S5 it meshes well with the s6. Decent at stripping hull points.  It also gives the pod a little more of a reach. Similarly the Stinger salvo is another option here. 5S5 shots is good and is particularly useful if plan on pairing the pod with a preferred enemy bubble from a hive tyrant, possibly enough to push it past the TL deathspitter. Either way 2 S6 + 2 S5 hits  is not to be sneezed at if you have rear Armour angles against AV 10 that will get close to averaging a  pen.

AP duty
Lots of options here. Large blasts are useful here. The barbed strangler is a little overcosted as you will rarely use it's range. So I believe the cluster spine option is slightly better, again slightly extending the range.

Dirty Tricks
Bait - this is particularly effective if you are on an objective but distract the opposition and get them to reroute charges. Pulling them back to their own baseline or pulling them forward into a counter charge range is the way to go here. Also particularly useful if the pods regular contents are employed elsewhere. Opponents also often forget about lash whips

Movement blocking - Pods are pretty big. most players play them as , marine pod size or similar. Forcing units to go around them, slowing them down. Or if the opportunity presents itself shutting off an escape route or trapping models (useful with marines in particular).  You can also  place the pod immediately in front of your opponents vehicles. Land raiders or similar heavier vehicles are good targets for this. You can dramatically slow down a big vehicles movement or encourage a ram. Raming a monster is risky business. Remember that the pod also has armourbane & smash. That is a single auto hitting S10 AP2 strike. Often underestimated by opponents... likelihood of a pen with a smash? on AV14 55%, on AV13 75% on AV 12 85%.  Feel like taking the chance with your land raider or Rhino now?

Sniping - Because the pod is pretty accurate when it deepstrikes you can use its weapons to try and snipe out characters or key models. the min 6" range helps here as only models within range can be removed. Get rid of that pesky powerfist  hanging out at the back :)

that's it folks.
If you have any other thoughts on the mycetic spore to share let me know and I'll add to the above.

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